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Leveraging CCM and Customer Journey Orchestration to Enable Highly Personalized, Omni-channel Customer Journeys

Organizations are increasingly leveraging customer journey mapping technologies to organize and coordinate customer experiences and communications. But these technologies only map the desired sequence of events, leaving a huge gap in the management of the various communications required throughout a journey, and ultimately the orchestration of those journeys. 

Join Patrick Kehoe, EVP of Product Management at Messagepoint, as he outlines how organizations can enhance customer journeys by leveraging CCM to deliver hybrid communication strategies that span both print and digital channels. 

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Patrick Kehoe

EVP Product Management

Patrick brings over 25 years experience delivering business solutions for document processing, customer communications, and content management. Prior to joining Messagepoint, Patrick was Worldwide Head of OpenText Exstream.

Webinar Overview

How to build customer journeys that align to customer preferences for both print and digital experiences

How to use CCM as a central communications management platform that creates significant operational efficiencies while improving the quality of communications overall


How to achieve advanced personalization to enhance customer experiences and increase response

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